Payeer in Pakistan

Payeer in Pakistan

Founded in 2012, Payeer is a versatile online e-wallet gateway just like the most popular online money transfer and payment gateways including Paypal, Payoneer, Web Money, and Perfect Money.

Payeer Uses:

It is one of the most famous and convenient way of online money transfer across the world that lets the customers make international settlements, shop online on international e-commerce websites, and also use cryptocurrencies and Fiat for exchange, buying, selling, and settlements.
Moreover, the e-commerce websites' owners and customers can use the Payeer e-wallets to buy and sell goods.

Payeer For Online Shopping and Paying Bills:

Payeer is facilitating both the e-commerce owners and buyers and is one of the most favorite payment methods on international shopping websites. Moreover, international customers can use the Payeer e-wallet for paying their internet, TV, games, and cell phone dues easily right from their homes.

Payeer for cryptocurrencies:

If you have cryptocurrencies and want to exchange them against Payeer you can easily do it and also can send that exchange to pay for the settlements around the world.

Payeer Service:

Payeer is operating worldwide with its website: which operates in two languagesEnglish and Russian.
Customers can also use the PAYEER® Mobile App for both on their Android and iOS devices for making instant transfers, buys, and settlements anytime and anywhere.

Payeer Dealings:

People all across the world can use the e-wallet of the Payeer because it is supporting more than 150 payment methods and systems. It allows the customer to register and use its services free of cost. Users of the Payeer wallet can recharge their accounts with the USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, DASH, BCH, and other e-currency and also can send and receive money in different other currencies.

Is Payeer use safe?

The use of the Payeer for making the international online transfer is absolutely safe. Customers can safely transfer, withdraw and exchange their currencies with Payeer around the world.

Payeer Advantages and Disadvantages:

Just like the other e-payment gateways Payeer is also having some advantages and disadvantages.
The Payeer users can instantly exchange the cryptocurrencies and can send the amount to anyone across the world.
Another advantage of Payeer is that the non-users can also transfer money to anywhere in the world just by using the Payeer ID.
Furthermore, the users of Payeer can also exchange the e-currencies like the Payeer to Qiwi, Okpay, Yandex money, etc.
The only disadvantage of Payeer is that it is charging higher transaction fees as compared to other e-payments patrons.

Payeer services in Pakistan:

Payeer services are not directly accessible in Pakistan but the customers can use the Payeer in Pakistan and can deposit their e-wallet by contacting any of the trustworthy e-currency exchangers.
There are a number of e-currency exchangers that are providing the customers to have the access to Payeer in Pakistan, hence the most tangible and authorized one is which is serving thousands of customers on daily basis either to buy/sell or exchange the digital currencies.
With the help of the e-currency exchanger, the customers can deposit their e-wallet of Payeer in Pakistan and also can transfer money for making international settlements, purchasing goods, and much more.
Payeer is also accepting Perfect money, Web money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litcoin, Dash and many other cryptocurrencies, so the customer in Pakistan can also use these currencies to deposit their Payeer wallet and also to transfer and exchange them with Payeer.
To exchange , sell Payeer in Pakistan , buy Payeer in Pakistan. customers can register themselves with the and can deposit their e-wallet through the JazzCash, Easypaisa and Bank Transfer.

How to buy and sell Payeer in Pakistan with Dollarpesa?

Customers around Pakistan can use the services of in order buy/sell, deposit/withdraw, exchange and transfer Payeer through Easypaisa , JazzCash and Bank Transfer.
For complete details on how to buy/sell Payeer in Pakistan through JazzCash, Easypaisa and Bank Transfer you can click here.

How to exchange Payeer in Pakistan with Dollarpesa? also lets the customers exchange Payeer in Pakistan against the other e-currencies like Perfect Money, Web Money, Skrill, Neteller, AdvCash, PayPal, Payoneer and etc. You can also use the amount of Payeer in Pakistan for making online shopping on international shopping websites and also making settlements.

Here is the complete detail on how exchange Payeer in Pakistan?

To exchange the Payeer against the other e-currencies including Perfect Money, Web Money, Skrill, Neteller, AdvCash, PayPal, Payoneer is too easy with
Just register your account and then login. Click on the Exchange Order and then Place New Order.
Provide the amount of Payeer you want to exchange and choose the other e-currency you want to get (image below).

a screenshot of a website with a red and white background

Now you need to fill this form by providing the personal information accurately and click on Submit order.


Within a few minutes of order submission, your order will be preceded and you need to transfer the Payeer amount to the prescribed e-wallet of dollarpesa (will be given in ticket history of your order).
Once your payment will be done you need to provide the proof of payment in the post reply section of your order.
The successful payments will result in the successful exchange of Payeer in Pakistan and you will get your desired e-currency into your provided wallet.
After that, your order will be closed and dollarpesa will inform you through SMS or Email notification.